This is an action web site that has a sole purpose of helping save the 

life of "Meatball" a wild bear in California (that has been placed in 

captivity) - as well as the lives of many that will follow...

Meet "MEATBALL" an adult male Black Bear being kept in a tiny cage in California.  Meatball once roamed freely in the forests of California - but got into major trouble and was captured by Fish & Game Officials.

Meatball is currently being held at a facility in southern CA until a permanent home can be found.  Meatball was scheduled to go to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado - but a last minute regulation enforcement by the Colorado Parks & Wildlife stopped his transfer.

This site is dedicated to getting Meatball - and so many others like him - to a good home.
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Your help is critical in helping save the lives of Meatball and other wildlife 
caught in the bureaucratic red tape.  Please take a minute to lend a hand 
in solving Meatball's dilemma by calling, writing or emailing officials that 
have the power to clear his path to freedom!

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Step 4 - Check back often for updates on the progress of this situation
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