Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission Meeting...
Citizen's Petitions to be heard in Denver on January 11th - 2013

Petitions to Free Meatball and to repeal the regulation stopping all wildlife from being rescued is set to be heard in Denver, CO on January 11th!

Help Us Help Meatball, and all of the other wildlife that will die if we do not attend this meeting!

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission will be holding their January 2013 meeting in Denver at the Double Tree Hotel (Westminster location) on January 11th.

There are 4 Citizen’s Petitions set to be heard by the Wildlife Commission, and all 4 petitions are asking the Commissioners to vote to remove the regulation that is blocking Meatball’s ability (as well as any other wild animal in need) to come to Colorado and live in a wide open habitat at The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

This is a critical meeting, and we really need your help!

Having a large number of supporters at this meeting will help demonstrate just how serious this vote is, and it will help the Wildlife Commissioners – and the State of Colorado – know they are being watched very closely on this vote.

Meatball the bear has been sitting in a small concrete and steel cage in California for over 3 ½ months, and he desperately needs our help!  Imagine what it feels like to him after being completely free his entire life!

The Facility that is holding him in CA has fallen far short of raising enough funds to build him a habitat there.  So far they have only raised about 40% of the money they need to create a habitat for Meatball -  so more than likely - he will continue to sit there for a long time to come while they try to raise the other $145,000.00 they say they need.

Getting a successful vote to repeal the regulation here in January could open up the possibility for Meatball to gain his freedom much sooner - as all of the citizens across the United States want to do whatever it takes to get him out of that cage and into a habitat as soon as possible.

The regulation in question also blocks all other wildlife that find themselves in untenable situations and will be euthanized - or shot and killed - if they are not able to find refuge in a Wildlife Sanctuary.

Please take a few hours out of your schedule to come to the Double Tree Hotel and let your voice be heard!


The Exact Day and time the petitions will be heard has been set (see the bottom of this page for a map).  

The agenda is set, and you will only need to be there for a small portion of the meeting (approximately 2 hours).

The meeting starts at 8:30 AM, so please be there by 8:00 AM to be able to park, find a check-in station, and see where you need to go to be the most help.

There will be a Check-in Stations outside of the Hotel for those people who come to rally and voice their concerns - so look for The Wild Animal Sanctuary Banners to locate the information stations.

For more information keep checking the web site, or call the Sanctuary at 303-536-0118

We need as many people as possible to show up in support of Meatball—so please grab your family members, friends, coworkers and anyone else you can get to come demonstrate on his behalf!


If you are unable to attend - and still want to help - click here to listen to the live audio feed of the meeting.  The audio will only be available during the meeting, so you will not hear anything at other times.  Once you click on the link, go to the bottom of the page and click on the "Listen to the Live Audio" link.  Windows Media Player will pop up and begin streaming the audio...


  • The regulation goes against state law defining Sanctuaries and their work.

  • Sanctuaries have been able to rescue animals from the wild for over 30 years and there has never been a large number of wild-born animals being sent to sanctuaries.

  • Even with the regulation being in place since 2005, it has never been enforced until now, and yet, sanctuaries did not take in any more numbers of wild animals than previous to its implementation.

  • If this regulation was so critical, then it would have been applied to all facilities that are licensed through the Division of Wildlife – like Commercial Parks, Zoological Licenses, etc.. – yet is was not.

  • Both the public and the sanctuaries have always realized proper wildlife management revolves around people being responsible when living near wildlife - and not all conflict animals can or will be able to go to live in a sanctuary – thus only specific cases where special circumstances evolve warranting an animal’s placement have been exercised in the past,  or would be expected in the future.

  • With the large numbers of animals that come into conflict with humans on a regular basis, it would be impossible for sanctuaries to take in every animal - which has been decisively demonstrated over the past 30 years, as sanctuaries have only taken in rare cases.  This self-regulating condition has worked extremely well for both the public that has concern with animals found in unordinary situations – and the animals’ themselves (like the blind fox that was taken in and given a good life at the sanctuary).

  • The Division of Wildlife and the Commission’s job is to protect the natural resources of Colorado, and in no way has the past history of taking in special case animals deterred either entity from succeeding at this goal – nor would continuing to allow this practice do so in the future.

  • The work sanctuaries do on behalf of all animals – whether they are captive-born or wild-born – creates no financial or physical burden to the state of Colorado, or the Division of Wildlife.  If the citizens of Colorado (over 200,000), and thousands of other supporters around the world want to help support the important work the Wild Animal Sanctuary does, then it should be of no concern to any government agency.

WHERE:  The Double Tree Hotel WHEN:  January 10th or 11th

8773 Yates Drive

Westminster, CO 80031




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